📘 Removing duplicated words using Perl 6

Remove repeated words from froma sentence.

Repeated words are most often unintended typing mistakes. In rare cases, though, this is correct like with the word that:

He said that that tree is bigger

Anyway, let us remove the double words ignoring the grammar for now. To find if the word is repeated, a regex with variables can be used. Then, using a substitution, only one copy of a word is passed to the resulting string.

my $string = 'This is is a string';
$string ~~ s:g/ << (\w+) >> ' ' << $0 >> /$0/;

say $string;

The regex part of the sroutine is a regex that is first looking for a word (as a sequence of word characters \w+) and its copy after a space. The first occurrence is saved in the $0 variable, which is immediately used in the same regex. It is also used in the replacement part.

To prevent repetitions, the word-edge anchors are used: << for the beginning of a word and >> for its end. In the given example, this prevents treating the last two letters of the word This as a separate word, is, and thus, the correct phrase This is a string will not be broken after the substitution.

Notice that non-literal spaces in a regex are not taking part in string matching, although, they are necessary in a sequence << (\w+) >>. The construction <<(\w+)>> is a syntax error as it is similar to the character class <[...]> or a reference to a named regex like <:alnum>, and the compiler prefers explicit spaces in this case.

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