📘 Computing powers of two using Perl 6

Print the first ten powers of two.

The naïve loop for calculating powers of two can be created similar to the solution of the Task 22, Print squares:

say 2 ** $_ for 0..9;

It prints the values 1, 2, 4, etc. up to 512.

In Perl 6, there’s another way of generating sequences with the defined rule of calculating its elements:

my @power2 = 1, 2, {$_ * 2} ... *;
.say for @power2[^10];

The rule here is {$_ * 2}, so each next number is twice as big as the previous one. The @power2 array gets the values of the infinite lazy list, and only the first ten elements are used for printing. The ^10 construction at the place of array index creates a range 0..9, and the corresponding slice of @power2 is taken.

Perl 6 also can deduct the rule if you provide the first few elements of the list:

my @power2 = 1, 2, 4 ... *;
.say for @power2[^10];

In the less obvious cases, you’d better prefer an explicit generator for lazy lists.

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